Family is the best thing ever… Isn’t it?

Whatever you do, you always have family by your side. Family support is always a good thing.

But family decision is not always best for you. Family knows you better than everyone. But they sometimes doesn’t understand what you want or what are you going through.

Make your life decisions….

Make your family understand you…

Happy life ❤️❤️❤️


Life is colourful when we start believing in love..But life is not about colour, it’s about being alive🎈.

Love makes people hopeful for a better life 🤓.

But unfortunately true Love only happens in a good story 🧐.

Like, in a romance story, at first when they(the main characters) meet there’s a lot of blushing and sparks flying☺️. After that when they start a relationship, they are on cloud nine🌥️.
And then comes the villain part.From cloud nine to ground 🙃.
Before the happy ending there is a lots of struggle and lots of tears too😭. After then it’s the happy ending 💑.
And sometimes an epilogue about how they are having a good life with lots of baby 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧.
When I read a story it makes me happy and most importantly it makes me want to believe in love 💖.

But if you have enough baggage to carry all around your life, you don’t need an extra baggage 🛄.

Surely you can survive without a magic portion of love…


Did you ever felt or seen true love?

Rifat and Riya married two years ago after their long term friendship. Riya was eight months pregnant. They were living on the third floor of Wahid Mansion at Chawkbazar,Dhaka.

On 20 February, when Wahid Mansion was burning in fire, Riya was sick. She couldn’t come down from the third floor.So Rifat decided to stay with Riya and their unborn child.He could easily leave the building and save his life.But he choose to stay with them.

After the fire incident, their family still didn’t find their dead body.

What do you think?


21 February is the International Mother Language Day and Martyrs Day of Bangladesh.

On this day, 21 February of 1952,the Bengali heroes sacrificed their life for Bengali language. So, 21 February is a mourn day for Bangladesh.

On this mourn day of 2019,Bangladesh was hang on mourning for 78 Bengali who died today in Chawkbazar fire accident.

On 20 February night a fire blast took life of 78 Bengali in Chawkbazar,Old Dhaka.

After nearly 14 hours, The fire service and civil defence service controlled the fire.

This fire incident made people speechless on this language day.


Music is the only thing keeps me going at my hard times. Every time I am depressed, I can’t sleep and can’t eat.Music is the only thing that always distracting me from my own personal demons.

Music has the healing power.It can make you forget.

Music is your best friend. You can find your problem and solution in music.