Life is colourful when we start believing in love..But life is not about colour, it’s about being alive🎈.

Love makes people hopeful for a better life 🤓.

But unfortunately true Love only happens in a good story 🧐.

Like, in a romance story, at first when they(the main characters) meet there’s a lot of blushing and sparks flying☺️. After that when they start a relationship, they are on cloud nine🌥️.
And then comes the villain part.From cloud nine to ground 🙃.
Before the happy ending there is a lots of struggle and lots of tears too😭. After then it’s the happy ending 💑.
And sometimes an epilogue about how they are having a good life with lots of baby 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧.
When I read a story it makes me happy and most importantly it makes me want to believe in love 💖.

But if you have enough baggage to carry all around your life, you don’t need an extra baggage 🛄.

Surely you can survive without a magic portion of love…

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